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Five Star Experiences
Deserve a Five Star Rating 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

 Improve Online Reviews

Resolve Complaints

The Challenge

Expanding and Hiring Staff created a Need

Like other Owner/Operators, I feel that we are keenly aware of what to expect in that "post float glow" of clients. When at the center, guiding guests through the float experience, if they don't come out with that familiar glow, dropped shoulders, relaxed facial features, I immediately know something about their experience is off and I get to address it with the customer. As we expanded and grew, and went through a few hiring cycles, we discovered it takes a good amount of time and floats for staff to be that clued into the guest experience.

The Solution

Automation and SMS Follow Up

Sent 2-3 Hrs after a Guest appointment, Flext is fully integrated with Floathelm and capable reaching guests while their experience is still fresh

Negative Experiences

Although rare, negative experiences do happen.

With Flext, customers have the chance to respond easily and express their concerns.

For any negative responses, Flext can send out text or email alerts, allowing the Center to know the persons name and a custom message detailing how that guest would like to followed up with.

Month 1 Center Averages

18 5-Star Reviews On Google

Varies by Center, however month 1 we are able to capture a lot of long time customers that finally have an easy pathway to leave a review in only one click!

25x ROI
Bulk SMS Campaigns

Although not recommended to run frequently, Flext offers high delivery rates, low sms costs, and important recommendations to maximize each campaign.

1 Negative Experience

Most centers are surprised to get the occasional negative response via Flext! What we have learned is sometimes guests say more in a text than when walking out the door. 

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